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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bath & Body Works BOGO!

Bath and Body Works, get four mix/match (reg $9.50 each) items for $16.49 shipped-other combos
I have no clue if they intended it to work this way or not, but for some reason with their B1G1 sale and code FREEGIFT50 (free gift up to $13 with $10 purchase) is working pre-discount on the B1G1 free items. Therefore you can get four b1g1 $9.50 products for $9.50 + $6.99 shipping (effectively $4.12 each)
Four of the $10.50 each products work out to $17.49 shipped.

***when mixing and matching, your highest priced item is the 'free gift'. But it works best savings wise to keep things, including the free gift, in the B1G1 categories...crossing categories may or may not work in your favor, you might need to play a bit.

You can get 2 $5 hand soaps and a $13 gift for $10.99 shipped. That is the lowest possible total.
EDIT- Two $5 hand soaps and and Two $13 aromatherapies come out to $11.99 shipped, thanks jvan23! 

B1G1 Hand Soaps (must be over $5 each to work) [bathandbodyworks.com]
B1G1 Body Lotion [bathandbodyworks.com]
B1G1 Shower Gels [bathandbodyworks.com]
B1G1 Fragrance Mist [bathandbodyworks.com]
B1G1 Body Cream [bathandbodyworks.com]
B1G1 Aromatherapy [bathandbodyworks.com]

Thank you to slickdeals.net for this great info!

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