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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back to School

Here we are again with another summer behind us.  Today marks the first day of 3rd grade for Ashley and first day of 1st grade for Emma.  The morning went well and we got out of the house on time.  Daddy stayed home this morning to walk with us to school.  There were no tears (well, maybe mommy teared up a little), just pure excitement to be back.  Of course, I had a camera shoved in their faces all morning, but they expect that now.

Conor is bored without them here.  Although, his preschool open house is next week and he starts on August 30th.  I'm sure there will be tears from mommy that day.  My last baby is headed to preschool, *sigh*.

I had also forgotten how much I can get done around the house when I am forced to get up early and have only one child here with me.  3rd load of laundry was in before 11:30am!  I think Conor and I are going to have some fun together in the mornings again!

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