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Monday, June 27, 2011


I am learning more and more about photography every day.  Things are sinking in and I'm getting some good shots.  My composition is (I think) getting pretty good!  But, I have been trying for weeks to get a lightening strike and just could not do it.  I couldn't get the settings right, couldn't get to my tripod, wasn't quick enough.  You name it, it was a problem.  Until yesterday!!!

It took me about an hour and about 200 pictures, but I did it!  I switched to auto (hangs head) because I knew I'd never figure out manual settings to get it.  I stood on my front porch and watched.  Then, knowing I couldn't predict when it would strike, I just started snapping.  I'd do about 15-20 shots, then review them and delete the ones with no lightening, which was all of them.  I was just about to give up when I reviewed my last set of shots and......STRIKE!  My heart just about jumped right out of my chest!  I couldn't believe what I was seeing on my camera.  I wonder how many neighbor's heard me yelling "YES!"?  I ran inside and immediately showed my husband.  Then, straight to my laptop I went.  I uploaded to my Facebook page, a photography group I'm in on Facebook, a local news channel's Facebook page, photographytalk.com, and after a suggestion from a neighbor, also to The Weather Channel.  I used an edited version on many of these. Then, I waited.  I waited to see what people thought of the strike, and what they thought of my photo skills.  The comments started pouring in.  As of right now, I have over 350 views on photographytalk.com and TWC alone.

Because I'm still learning, I cannot tell you how much this means to me.  This was a HUGE accomplishment for me!  I already love taking pictures, but this has only increased my determination to get those "perfect" shots and one day, begin to make some money doing this.  So, to all of you who looked and/or commented, I thank you!  In case you didn't see it, of course I've added it here!

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Kim said...

So cool! I am excited to take some fireworks shot this weekend too! Have a happy 4th of July!